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300MG Full Spectrum - Natural Flavor Pet CBD Oil
  • 300MG Full Spectrum - Natural Flavor Pet CBD Oil

    Pete's Potion Full Spectrum Tincture is all natural and uses only the best organic & sustainable ingredients for your pets.


    Our high quality oil is great to help your pet's overall wellness.


    Natural is perfect for the picky or sensitive pet- it can be added to just about anything!



    ⫸ Knowing how to dose your pet is important. The golden rule is .1-.3mg of CBD for each pound of body weight.


    How do you know determine whether to dose a LOW, MED or HIGH amount for your pet?


    ▸ For a young pet in good health we suggest to start off with a LOW-.1MG per LB dose.

    ▸ Middle aged pets and/or pets suffering mild symptoms we suggest working up to MED-.2MG per LB dose.

    ▸ Senior pets and/or pets suffering from more severe symptoms will receive maximum benefits from a HIGH-.3MG per LB dose.


    It’s suggested to start with a low dose & increase every 5-7 days until reaching the “sweet spot”. As you find your pets perfect dose there is no risk of any severe side effects so be generous- your pet will thank you.





    Batch 1 - 300MG

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