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5 Achievable New Year's Resolutions for Every Member of the Family

New Year's resolutions aren't just for our human family members --they can benefit our four-legged ones too!

Whether you're looking to improve your family's health; mind or body make sure not to overlook our furry family this year! Here are some healthy New Year's resolutions you & your pets can achieve together:

  1. Exercise more: A common resolution is to exercise more in the new year as a way of improving their physical health and well-being. Go for a run or a walk with the whole family; you could also take your pet to the park or a hike. CBD has been shown to help in muscle recovery like after a run or strenuous hike.

  2. Eat healthier: Eating healthier is another popular resolution that many people make. Having a balanced and nutritious diet is key to overall health and longevity. Try to incorporate more vegetables in the family's diet-pets love healthy snacks as well don't forget to share!

  3. Reduce stress: Stress is a common problem for many people, and reducing stress is a popular resolution. Pets can get just as stressed as humans, they are often our emotional support so reducing stress is a great resolution for the whole family. Some studies suggest that CBD can aid in the reduction of stress & anxiety as well as help relax and elevate mood!

  4. Try new things: Humans & pets alike need mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Consider learning a new language or skill. With your pet try a trick together or introduce new toys or puzzle feeders to engage your pet's mind. Learning a new skill or hobby is a common resolution that can help broaden one's horizons!

  5. Be more social: Being more social and spending time quality with the people (& animals) you love improves overall health and happiness. Try a pet-friendly restaurant/ brewery or spend more quality time doing activities with family & friends.

These five resolutions are great for keeping every family member happy & healthy all 2024. Incorporating CBD is a great way to help achieve all the goals set for the year! Our pets benefit from CBD the same way we do so incorporating Pete's Potion Full Spectrum Pet CBD products can help your pet feel their best all year. Use code NY2024 to save 15% off your next purchase through February 15th.

Wishing everyone paw-sitive vibes all 2024!

Family hiking exercising with dogs and children playing new toy with cat healthy new years resolution spend quality time together
New Year's resolutions can be achieved with family and pets!

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What great ideas! I don’t like making New Years resolutions bc I get so angry with myself when I fail. Making those same resolutions & including my pet might help me keep from letting them fall to the wayside Thanks Pete!

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